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    Pre-registration for Forestopia mobile island simulator has started

    Forestopia, the sequel to the soothing island sim from Gravity Game Arise Co. Ltd, has just opened for pre-registration. Forestopia follows the popularity of Desertopia by taking players to a brand new island where they can grow a variety of flora and fauna. Pre-registration for the game is now available for Android and iOS devices.

    Desertopia takes players on a peaceful journey. She has been nominated at a number of gaming events, including Tokyo Game Show, Kyoto BitSummit, and IMGA Global, and participated in the App Store’s Earth Day event for three years in a row. By adding a new environment, redesigned UI/UX, and other system enhancements, Forestopia aims to break Desertopia’s 1.9 million downloads milestone.

    With the exception of a yeti, a robot, and an intriguing laboratory, the island in Forestopia is attractive and deserted. Players can grow seeds to decorate their islands, research and breed their favorite animals in a mysterious laboratory, create adorable terrariums, and then release the animals to coexist peacefully on the island. The game has the following key features:

    • Transform a deserted island into an enchanting and relaxing paradise
    • Plant seeds to grow flowers to decorate your island.
    • Explore and create your favorite animals in the mysterious lab by creating cute terrariums.
    • Release your animals on the island to live together.
    • Collect resources and expand your island.
    • Complete the game’s quests to find out why the Yeti ended up on the island and what research was done in the laboratory.

    Forestopia pre-registration is open to Desertopia users on the App Store and Google Play Store. Prior to the release of the game, pre-registered players will receive a commemorative sign-in bonus called “Shibainu”.

    As seen on PlayGround

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