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    Postal 4: No Regerts patch 1.1.0 released with new content and improvements

    The developer of Running with Scissors has released update 1.1.0 for Postal 4: No Regerts, with new content, performance improvements and many bug fixes.

    This update introduces a new form of transport – Go Kart! Appearing at the end of the game, he gives players the ability to move around the map faster, knocking down passers-by in his path.

    Speaking of random passers-by, now homeowners correctly react to the fact that the player breaks into their homes, a lot of variations have been added to their appearance and animation, and the AI ​​reaction to the environment has been improved. The AI ​​of most animals has also been improved.

    The iconic weapon “Scissors” is back. It is much better and more fun to use than the scissors in POSTAL 2.

    Work continued to improve performance. The size of the installed game has been reduced by another 5 gigs, the consumption of system RAM has been significantly reduced and the frame time has been improved.

    Among other things, a ton of bugs have been fixed. Read the full patch notes below:



    • GO Kart! Mobility Megastore launches its new vehicle on the market! This wheelchair accessible kart will be available to rent from Wednesday for only $100! “Why hobble? When you can GO!”

    • Scissors! The long-awaited scissors are back! Throw them regularly, old-school style, or try the new alt-fire kunai throw!

    • Improved models for destroyed cars!
    • Phone customization options! Now you can change the background music of your phone as well as the sounds of Krotchy Tip notifications.
    • Phone booth! This is where you will buy custom music and notification sounds for your sexy Scrotorola phone.
    • Much more variations of NPC clothing!
    • Exchange traders! Throughout Edensin, you will notice many new exchange points that will allow you to exchange various items for money.

    • Possibility for dogs to urinate on corpses!
    • Improved Police Helicopter Explosion Effects
    • More graphs of NPC behavior on all maps!
    • More NPC walk cycles! To add more variety to our NPCs, you may now notice that they use different animations when walking.
    • Begging state and correct NPC screams when set on fire!
    • New camera animations for firearms!
    • Added riot cops when helicopter crashes!
    • Added POSTA Movie skin! Zack’s outfit has been added as a reward for Krotchy Doll collectors


    • Further overall performance improvements
    • Reduced frequency and severity of stuttering
    • Reduced the size of the installation file by another 5 GB
    • Reduced system RAM usage
    • Adjusted steering speed on vehicles to improve handling
    • Optimized exploding propane tanks and barrels
    • Improved collision of various objects
    • Improved the behavior of the “Police” and “Heat Assault” sequences
    • Improved performance of destructible vehicles
    • Improved hit behavior: added camera shake when hitting someone
    • Improved NPC weapon/health balancing. Tan cops and rebel cops added to spawners during the week
    • Tweaked camera shake for firearms to improve weapon feel
    • Implemented blending animation between hipfire and aiming animations
    • Added many new world textures (posters, murals, billboards, etc.)
    • Changed the behavior and appearance of the ammo slot on the weapon wheel
    • Improved various UI elements for better controller support
    • Changes in the task on the island of Kunni (destruction of power units, as well as their shutdown, cause enemies)
    • Improved the appearance of the Money item and models to make them less generic
    • Fixed various broken textures on models
    • Reduced the physical impulse transmitted by the hammer
    • Improved sights to make them more visible and easier to read when aiming.
    • Animal behavior (cats don’t pick up catnip properly, dogs sometimes don’t respond to treats)
    • Improved collision of a large number of models
    • Improved doll collectible icons
    • Made more breakable doors
    • Sledgehammer and hammer now more reliably apply physical momentum on impact
    • Head knockback animation sped up
    • Improved “Fire” and “Pleading” dialogue
    • Improved the behavior of thrown heads
    • Added more items throughout Edensin to reward exploration more
    • Improved appearance of Crotchi’s hint notification


    • Severe frame rate drop when observing emitting lights when post-processing settings are set to “High” or “Ultra”
    • Hardrock and mercenaries don’t move in the mall
    • Mercenaries do not have weapons in the mall
    • Frozen NPCs in El Plago
    • The gun chest in the police station is hard to open
    • The gate during the Treasure Hunter mission sometimes blocks the player
    • Wind sounds are sometimes missed
    • Various interference during the “Vote for Governor” quest.
    • Scenes slow down due to catnip
    • Incorrect display of tickets on new machines
    • Some doors are very hard to kick
    • Ammo types are not remembered when saving the game
    • slope animation
    • Inappropriate footstep sounds for some road materials
    • Plush toys cut themselves off while talking
    • Dogs don’t play ball with the heads of ALL types of NPCs
    • Problem with herd of NPCs in one place when using points of interest
    • Animals react incorrectly to being hit
    • Tons of display bugs, like some models being too small, unavailable pickups, broken textures, etc.
    • NPCs spawn in a cluster in a suburban area
    • Big bride between suburb and prison appears out of nowhere
    • Players can fall through the floor around the central security post
    • Petition, spray paint, and some other items do not work properly when Black Hole’s Backpack is actively upgraded
    • Immigrants in the Frontier Smuggler mission only hit the slingshot when aiming down and sometimes get stuck until they are killed
    • A bug that can be triggered when passing through a dusty area on a scooter
    • Sledgehammer and hammer projectiles do not support catnip
    • Dismembered heads trembled for a brief moment when playing ball with a dog
    • Removed extra “Cop” subtitle from PayFine cinematic
    • Beggar Monday badge reappears in the Dude’s inventory under certain circumstances

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