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    Post-apocalyptic adventure game Dead Man’s Diary now available for Xbox Series consoles

    TML-Studios has announced the release of Dead Man’s Diary, an addictive survival adventure game now available for the latest Xbox consoles. This game organically combines elements of the genres of narrative adventure and survival, immersing players in a dark and dangerous post-apocalyptic world. Leveraging the development studio’s extensive experience with Unreal Engine, Dead Man’s Diary offers players a visually stunning and demanding gaming environment.

    Debuting on Steam last year, Dead Man’s Diary has undergone significant changes and ongoing improvements in preparation for its release on Xbox. The latest version of Unreal Engine has been implemented, improving the overall gameplay experience and providing players with an even more immersive journey.

    The update to Unreal Engine 5 introduces the striking Lumen lighting system, providing a breathtaking graphical representation of lighting effects. In addition, the game now includes in-game help, offering players hints in the world and improving interaction with related objects. For those looking for help, additional dynamic help is also available to ensure smoother game progression. In addition, interaction with objects has been redesigned to improve the overall gameplay experience.

    All new features:

    • Upgrading to Unreal Engine 5
    • New lighting system Unreal Engine 5 (Lumen)
    • Expanded in-game help with hints in the world
    • Additional dynamic help for easier game progress
    • Reworked interaction with objects

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