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    Portion of atmospheric screenshots of Ray of Hope, a shooter in the universe of the cult STALKER

    The creator of the ambitious online shooter Ray of Hope, which takes place in the world of STALKER, continues to delight with new screenshots. This time, the developers have published a whole bunch of atmospheric screenshots of the game with a demonstration of different locations.

    In the new screenshots, you can see the already abandoned gas station and the Pig Farm. Both locations have long been abandoned and overgrown with dense vegetation, but this makes them a very good shelter. Casual and experienced visitors to the Zone will be able to find here useful items for survival and hide from the dangers that lurk in the night.

    Recall that Ray of Hope is created on the basis of an improved version of the X-Ray Engine 1.6, which was used in the original STALKER trilogy. The project developers promise to preserve the recognizable features of the Exclusion Zone and give a unique experience of exploring mystical anomalies and abandoned territories alone or in a team of friends.

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