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    Poll: US residents have become bored with superhero blockbusters

    The number of Marvel fans who enjoy watching superhero movies is down 5% compared to 2021. This data was shown by a Morning Consult survey.

    The news also coincided with the fact that Marvel’s films are no longer as big at the box office as they used to be, including the latest release of Thor: Love and Thunder. This is due not only to the pandemic, but also to the general public fatigue from superheroes.

    The number of adults who enjoy the genre was 59%, up from 64% last year. Meanwhile, 41% said they don’t get high from watching superhero movies, up from 36% last year.

    While 82% said they still enjoy Marvel movies, 31% said they were a little tired.

    However, there are also good indicators. The number of film comic book lovers has increased among zoomers – from 47% to 53%. While the boomers, millennials and exers, on the contrary, have cooled off.

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