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    Police Simulator: Patrol Officers gets garage update and new Compact Police Vehicle DLC

    Today, publisher astragon Entertainment and developer Aesir Interactive released free content update 10 for the popular game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. The Garage Update adds a garage to every lot and is available now. At the same time, players can now purchase the Compact Police Vehicle DLC, which includes a brand new, small and comfortable police car that can reach even the narrowest streets of Brighton.

    Update content:

    • Each lot now has a garage that features the following features:
    • Repair damaged cars during your shift
    • Create your own personal fleet in four available car parks
    • Manage the tools in the trunk for each car individually
    • Significant improvements in ride quality and overall handling of all vehicles.
    • Various bug fixes and improvements

    Advantages of the DLC Compact Police Vehicle:

    • Available from the very first shift, including the first foot patrols
    • Driving through narrow streets and parks where other patrol cars cannot pass.
    • Significantly tighter turning radius than other vehicles for optimal city navigation.

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