PlayStation in Peril: Xbox up Next


Sony's in Trouble. Xbox is Next.

Sony in Legal Trouble: How France’s Antitrust Regulator is Cracking Down

France’s antitrust regulator has fined Sony for manipulating the PS4 controller market, resulting in a hefty 13.5 million euro penalty. The authority alleges that Sony has been using technical countermeasures to affect third-party controller functionality and maintaining an opaque official licensing policy, raising concerns for Xbox as well. This recent development has put Sony in hot water with potential far-reaching consequences.

A Potential Blow to Xbox?

With the news of France’s antitrust regulator imposing a large fine on Sony for alleged market manipulation, questions have arisen about the potential impact on other gaming giants like Xbox. Just months ago, Xbox also enacted a policy to block unofficial accessories from interacting with their consoles. This saga may spell trouble for both gaming companies and shake up the industry’s competition dynamics.

Square Enix’s AI and Blockchain Endeavors

Square Enix’s annual New Year’s letter from President Yosuke Matsuda outlined the company’s intentions to become more aggressive with AI and blockchain technology. The new focus on AI aims to reshape content creation and marketing, embracing the possibilities of a new technological frontier. The company’s commitment to web 3.0 and cloud initiatives signifies a digital transformation on the horizon.

PlayStation in Peril: Xbox up Next

Tekken 8’s Accessibility Concerns

While Tekken 8 strives to make itself more accessible, concerns have been raised about the color-blind filter featured in the game’s demo. Reports of the filter causing distress among players and potential seizures have put the game’s accessibility features under scrutiny. The game’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, has addressed some of the backlash, promising efforts to make Tekken 8 more inclusive.

Quick Bits: Gaming News Roundup

Star Wars Outlaws’ launch may have been inadvertently leaked, while frogwares takes sole publishing rights for Lovecraft-inspired game The Sinking City following a legal dispute. Steam boasts record-breaking game releases, and support for Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s legacy version officially ended. Lastly, a distinctive horror game based on Mickey Mouse called ‘Infest Station 88’ has entered the gaming scene.

Positive notes and an upbeat future outlook for the gaming industry are on the horizon!

Remember to stick to reputable sources for your gaming news and stay tuned for more exciting developments ahead!

PlayStation in Peril: Xbox up Next