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    PlayStation 4 emulator, RPCSX, can now load a commercial game

    Earlier this month we informed you about a new Playstation 4 emulator called RPCSX. Created by Nekotekina, kd-11 and DH, the team behind the amazing RPCS3, this PS4 emulator looks promising. And by the looks of it, RPCSX is now able to download its first commercial game.

    Below you can find a video of YouTube’s “BrutalSam” showing RPCSX running the We Are Doomed shooter. And while it may not seem so impressive to the average user, it is a huge step for the development team.

    As we said, the most advanced Playstation 4 emulator for PC right now is Spine. In January, we shared a video showing over 125 PS4 games running on it.

    Apart from Spine, Kyty, fpPS4 and GPCS4 are some of the most famous PS4 emulators. These emulators are not as good as Spine, although fpPS4 can also run a lot of 2D games. As such, it will be interesting to see how long RPCSX will take to reach Spine status.

    RPCSX is still far behind the aforementioned emulators. However, this is one of the most promising Playstation 4 emulators. The fact that RPCSX can already download its first game, 14 days after its official announcement, is really cool.

    In any case, those who wish can download its latest public version from here.

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