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    Players who complete Gungrave GORE will receive a new Brandon Heat skin, giving new moves, abilities and appearance

    Gungrave GORE, a stylish third-person shooter from South Korean studio IGGYMOB, is getting a brand new Brandon Heat playable skin that will change all of Grave’s moves, abilities and design. This pack will become available to all players who complete one simple task: complete the game on the highest difficulty (GORE).

    As the Resurrection Shooter, you become the badass anti-hero of your dreams, the ultimate killing machine that ruthlessly cuts down on your enemies. Taking cover and retreating is not an option for Grave, he always goes full steam ahead, preferably straight through his enemies.

    Brandon Heath was Grave’s human form when he was one of the top assassins in the Mafia organization Millenion. Fifteen years after his death, he was resurrected as Beyond the Grave (short for Grave) and was resurrected – using advanced necrolization technology – and set out to exact revenge on the man who killed him: his former best friend and fellow Millenion, Harry McDowall.

    But McDowell didn’t just kill Brandon; he also killed Grave’s former boss – and father figure – Big Daddy during the takeover of Millenion. Daddy’s daughter – Mika – seeks protection from Grave, in fact becoming his adopted daughter.

    Grave then has to fight his way through a city infested with drugs, thugs, and mutated soldiers called Orgmen in pursuit of revenge.

    Gungrave GORE will release on November 22, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

    As seen on PlayGround

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