Players Plan Murder Spree to Boost FPS


Dragon's Dogma 2 Players Are Planning a Murder Spree to Boost FPS - IGN Daily Fix

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Players Plan to Boost FPS with a Murder Spree

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are gearing up for the game’s release with a unique strategy in mind – a murder spree aimed at boosting FPS! The game’s demanding nature has caused frame rates to drop, particularly on high-end PCs, prompting players to take matters into their own hands. But what exactly is driving this inventive solution, and how are players navigating this new challenge?

Frame Rate Woes and Innovative Solutions

Capcom’s upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma 2, is causing a stir in the gaming community due to its demanding performance requirements. Even on top-tier hardware like RTX 4090 GPUs and modern CPUs, players are experiencing frame rate dips as low as 30fps. To address this issue, community members have come up with a bold plan – eliminating non-essential NPCs to reduce CPU strain.

By strategically removing certain characters from the game world, players hope to improve frame rates by freeing up CPU resources that would otherwise be dedicated to rendering these NPCs. While Capcom is already working on performance optimizations, the player-driven murder spree offers a temporary solution to enhance gameplay experience until official fixes are in place.

Players Plan Murder Spree to Boost FPS

Legal Battles and Gaming Restrictions

Meanwhile, on the legal front, Apple finds itself in hot water as the U.S. Department of Justice takes action against the tech giant for alleged monopolistic practices. The lawsuit targets Apple’s tight control over its App Store, with particular emphasis on restricting cloud streaming gaming services like Xbox Game Pass on iOS devices. These legal battles could have far-reaching implications for how gamers access and enjoy content on their Apple devices.

The Finals Season 2: New Weapons for Victory

Amidst all the drama, the gaming community has something to celebrate with the launch of The Finals Season 2. This new season brings exciting gameplay updates, including a fresh 5v5 mode and unique tools for players to dominate the competition. Additionally, new weapons have been introduced for each class, offering diverse strategies and playstyles to secure victory in the arena.

As players gear up for intense battles in The Finals Season 2, they have access to powerful tools that can turn the tide in their favor. From burst fire machine pistols to slug shotguns, each weapon offers a distinct advantage for players to master and unleash upon their foes.

With Dragon’s Dogma 2 on the horizon, legal battles brewing in the tech industry, and new challenges in The Finals Season 2, the gaming world is abuzz with excitement and innovation. Players are pushing boundaries, finding creative solutions, and embracing new gameplay experiences like never before. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, one thing remains constant – the passion and dedication of gamers worldwide in shaping the future of interactive entertainment!

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Players Plan Murder Spree to Boost FPS

Players Plan Murder Spree to Boost FPS