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    Players Dissatisfied with Diablo 4’s Latest Patch Due to Lots of Class and Endgame Nerfs

    Patch 1.1.0 for Diablo 4 has recently been released, leading up to the start of the first season. Within a couple of hours after the release of the update, social networks were flooded with controversy due to the dramatic changes made by the developers.

    Until a few days ago, the update in question was received with great interest by fans, as it was supposed to improve numerous aspects of the role-playing game, such as removing gems from the main inventory screen. The gem changes didn’t actually come out and the patch brought a huge amount of changes, many of which weren’t appreciated by the fans.

    With the exception of bug fixes and the introduction of new unique equipment, most of the changes in the update reduced the attack power of the five classes and made progressing and completing certain end-game actions more frustrating. A notable example is the increase in the number of Embers needed to open chests during Helltide, making it much harder for players to capture precious loot. Among other criticisms, we find those related to less experience gained at the highest difficulty levels, a reduction in critical damage that even affected aspects of weapons, and other small changes that make some aspects of the game more frustrating. The most evil players are those who use the Wizard, as this class is now defined as the weakest in both offense and defense.

    In a word, the situation is not the best and it will be interesting to know how the developers will react to sharp criticism from users who are dissatisfied with the patch.

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