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    Players are impressed with the new water physics in Counter-Strike 2

    Valve is in no hurry to release the long-awaited sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but continues to regularly improve the game. A recent update for the shooter brought an updated Overpass map and a new game mode to the game, but the most important innovation was water physics. Players of the closed beta of Counter-Strike 2 have already tried the water and were delighted with its new implementation.

    Reportedly, Counter-Strike 2 has an advanced water element behavior model that reacts to any interaction. Players who have had time to try out the updated version of the shooter are extremely positive about it, calling it the “most realistic” water in games.

    After the update, the water in Counter-Strike 2 began to behave realistically during bullets, player movement and explosions. Separately, users also note the overall visual quality, which has become noticeably better. Now you can see a separate oily layer in the water, which creates bright highlights and takes into account the reflections of some objects.

    A full release of Counter-Strike 2 should take place this summer. Up to this point, the shooter is available to play only by invitation to the beta test.

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