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    Phil Spencer on future consoles: “We have ideas for what we could try next”

    Phil Spencer says Microsoft is considering what’s next for Xbox platforms and is using feedback from developers like Hideo Kojima to help shape it.

    While it may seem like a new generation of consoles is just getting started, Xbox is already thinking about what comes after the Xbox Series X. In an interview with the Same Brain YouTube channel, Spencer said that Microsoft is already working on new hardware and discussing with developers what they want from him.

    In regards to working with developers at the newly acquired Xbox studios, Spencer said, “They’re giving a lot of feedback as we’re now looking at future platforms and what we can do and getting input from creators on what they’d like to do.”

    As we have ideas about what we might try in the future and how we could incorporate it into either silicon work or hardware work or services work, we are testing it with by our teams of first parties, but it all starts with the question of what you think to do next.

    Spencer also talked about a collaboration with Hideo Kojima, who is working with Xbox on his enigmatic second independent game.

    I was recently in Japan and was spending time with Kojima-san talking to him about the game he’s making with us and it’s just really cool to hear him say “Here are the things I want to do in this game” and our engineers are literally listening to him, trying to make sure our platform makes these things possible.

    While Spencer might be referring to a new console like the Xbox One X, if he’s referring to an entirely new generation of consoles, his comments might mean that Kojima’s new game is quite far away. Of course, this mystery game can always be cross-gen, but the intersection of Kojima’s software ambitions and Xbox’s hardware plans will be interesting to watch.

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