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    Petition launched to add 60fps mode to Starfield

    Some players disagree that Starfield will run at 30fps on Xbox Series X, and to make their voices heard, they have decided to launch a 60fps petition posted on Apparently, they consider this a really important issue.

    The text of the petition, titled simply “60 frames of Starfield”, is very straightforward:

    “Starfield is a very good game and it’s sad to see that the opportunity to reach 60fps in exchange for lower quality was missed. The game has a lot of potential and could even win Game of the Year awards. It would be sad to play without 60 fps. Please, Bethesda, add a performance mode.”

    As of this writing, the petition has garnered over 200 signatures. Of course, between today and September 6, 2023, the launch date for Starfield on Xbox Seriesx X/S and PC, it’s almost impossible that Bethesda, in the very distant event that it wanted to heed the request, could add a 60fps mode to such difficult game.

    In any case, anyone can create a petition, and this is an interesting initiative in its own way, which shows how much interest there is around the game.

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