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    Paper Rex eliminate G2 Esports from VCT Stage 1 Masters, end EMEA’s chances in Reykjavík

    Paper Rex have eliminated G2 Esports from VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík after winning 2–0. The third and final team from EMEA has been knocked out of Iceland after failing to pull things together in a back-and-forth match against Paper Rex, with no team from the region making top four at the event.

    Both teams came into the Reykjavík tournament with byes straight to the playoff stage, an honor earned for being number one in their respective VALORANT regions.

    After a strong showing in the first half of Split, G2 looked like they would easily overpower the APAC team and continue on in the lower bracket. But, Paper Rex was able to overcome being down 3–9 to win the game with a nearly flawless half to finish map one, 13–10. Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto showcased his abilities by running over G2 as Jett to finish the map with a 1.66 KD after earning 25 kills and just 15 deaths.

    The next map, Bind, was picked by G2 but they struggled early on and only managed to collect four rounds in the first half. Paper Rex got eight. With a four-round advantage on their own map pick, G2 picked up the first two pistol rounds in the second half. That brought the round count to 8–6, in favor of Paper Rex, but that ultimately would be the closest round-count on the map. Paper Rex held strong and finished the map 13–7 to send EMEA packing and secure top four in Iceland.

    Paper Rex will now face ZETA DIVISION in the lower bracket on April 22 to see which team will move one step closer to raising the trophy. Whichever team wins in ZETA vs. Paper Rex will face the loser of OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD.

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