Palworld: Secrets & Surprises!


Palworld: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

Palworld: 10 Tips & Tricks for New Players

If you’re diving into Palworld for the first time, there’s a lot to learn. Here are ten tips and tricks to help you get started in this survival game:

1. Over Encumbrance Trick

If you find yourself over-encumbered, you can still sprint in Palworld by dropping items on the ground and sprinting forward while holding the sprint key. This simple trick allows you to continue moving even when carrying too much.

2. Quick Launching with Pal Sphere

By using a Pal Sphere on an easy-to-capture creature and climbing on top of it while it’s in the middle of capturing, you can suddenly launch hundreds of feet into the air. While it’s a bit of an early access glitch, it’s still a fun trick to experiment with!

Palworld: Secrets & Surprises!

3. Unsavory Economy

Palworld allows players to capture and sell not only creatures, but also humans. This dark aspect of the game offers the potential for big profits. But just a friendly reminder—it’s all in-game and not real!

4. Grapple Gun Efficiency

To make the grapple gun even more useful, equip two grapple guns at once. By switching between the guns, you can perform some interesting maneuvers and scale walls more effectively.

5. Effective Automation

To optimize your Pal’s work in your base, you can manually assign them to specific tasks by picking them up and throwing them at the designated workbench. Additionally, condensing Pals in a machine can make them more efficient workers.

6. Creature Spawn Reset

If you’re having trouble finding a specific creature in an area, simply leaving and returning to the area or island can reset the spawns and potentially make the desired creature appear.

7. Wooden Base Fire Safety

Be wary of using fire Pals near your wooden base, as the flames can spread and potentially destroy your resources. If your base catches fire, you can disassemble the burning parts to extinguish the flames.

Palworld: Secrets & Surprises!

8. Hunting for Lucky Pals

To find the rare and unique Lucky Pals, listen for a distinctive jingle that plays whenever one is nearby. This can help you locate these special creatures more effectively.

9. Preferred Game Platforms

While Palworld is available on both Steam and Xbox/PC Game Pass, it’s essential to note that the Steam version currently offers more implemented features and better support for mods, making it the superior choice for dedicated players.

10. Camp and Base Location

When setting up your camp or relocating your base, consider sticking close to the starting area for consistent resources and easy access. Also, be cautious when moving your Pal box to avoid creatures spawning in inconvenient locations.

Hopefully, these tips will assist you on your journey through Palworld. If you’ve got any other helpful tips, feel free to share them in the comments below to assist fellow players!

Remember, it’s just a game, so have fun exploring!

Palworld: Secrets & Surprises!

Palworld: Secrets & Surprises!