PALWORLD: Early Access Review


Palworld Early Access Review - Xbox/PC Game Pass Version


Technical Differences

Travis Northup’s review of the Early Access version of Palworld on Xbox and through the Microsoft Store reveals significant differences when compared to the Steam version. The Xbox build seems to have more bugs and performance issues, with noticeable graphical bugs and frame rate dips, while also lacking the polished look of the Steam version. There are also sound quality issues, missing sound effects, and texture loading problems, making the Xbox version a less visually appealing option.

Feature Restriction

In contrast to the Steam version, players on the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions are limited to just four players for multiplayer, without the option for dedicated servers. Additionally, certain small but notable features, such as the ability to name your character or give nicknames to Pals, are missing from the Xbox version, impacting the overall experience.

Bugs and Gameplay Issues

Travis highlights several specific bugs, including surfaces not loading correctly, leading to intangible areas and players getting stuck under the level while flying. These issues, along with the absence of key features, contribute to a “less premium feel” for the Xbox and PC Game Pass versions of Palworld. Despite these challenges, there are still numerous interesting Pals to interact with, engaging hings to explore in the open world, and mesmerizing survival mechanics to enjoy.

PALWORLD: Early Access Review

Recommendation and Positivity

Travis acknowledges the rough edges and some game crashes, while stating that the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions of Palworld might not be as polished as the Steam version. However, he encourages players to look past these issues, as underneath it all is still the same awesome survival game that’s hard to put down. He also expresses optimism that the Xbox-specific issues will be resolved as the game continues to evolve. In conclusion, Travis emphasizes that Xbox players still have a solid game on their hands, despite the current limitations.

Travis’ review provides valuable insights for players considering the Early Access version of Palworld on Xbox and PC, offering an honest and comprehensive overview of the differences and challenges while maintaining a positive outlook for the game’s future evolution.

PALWORLD: Early Access Review