PALWORLD: Early Access Review


Palworld Early Access Review - Steam Version

Palworld Early Access Review – Steam Version

Palworld, available in Early Access on PC through Steam, is a comically irreverent take on creature collection. The game seamlessly blends survival mechanics with absurd humor, resulting in an experience that is both familiar and refreshingly unique.

The Quirky World of Palworld

Palworld’s world is a strange and dangerous place filled with unique creatures known as “Pals.” The game tasks players with building a base, capturing and training Pals, and navigating a perilous open world filled with rival trainers and treacherous dungeons.

Unleash the Absurd

The irreverent nature of Palworld is apparent in every aspect of the game. From using Pals as laborers to possibly even turning them into food in times of need, the game gleefully embraces its unconventional premise with a mix of dark humor and over-the-top action.

PALWORLD: Early Access Review

Survival Mechanics and Base Building

Palworld introduces intuitive and deep survival mechanics, allowing players to automate tasks by enlisting the help of captured Pals. This cooperation not only adds a layer of charm to the game but also presents new opportunities for resource management and base expansion.

Exploration and Multiplayer

The game’s vast open world provides plenty of opportunities for exploration, with hidden chests, boss battles, and unique encounters waiting to be discovered. Additionally, Palworld offers a multiplayer mode that supports up to 32 players on the Steam version, allowing for cooperative base management and perilous adventures.

Early Access Hiccups

While Palworld is undeniably engaging, as an Early Access title, it does come with its fair share of technical hiccups. Players may encounter minor performance issues, frame rate dips, and occasional multiplayer disconnects. However, these issues don’t significantly detract from the overall experience.

In its Early Access state, Palworld has shown immense potential, delivering an amusingly irreverent take on creature collection and survival. Despite its borrowed inspirations from Pokémon, it manages to carve out its own distinct identity. With a promise of further evolution and refinement, Palworld is poised to become a standout survival game for many players.

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PALWORLD: Early Access Review

PALWORLD: Early Access Review