Palworld: 1 Million Copies Sold in 8 Hours


Palworld Sells 1 Million Copies in 8 Hours, and Steam's Servers Are Struggling - IGN Daily Fix

Palworld Breaks Sales Records and Overwhelms Steam Servers

Palworld: A Hit on Steam and Xbox

Palworld, a game often described as “Pokémon with guns,” has taken the gaming world by storm. Developer Pocketpair announced that the game sold over 1 million copies in just 8 hours after its release on Steam and Xbox. With a steady stream of positive user reviews, it’s clear that players are loving the game. As a result, Palworld is currently sitting at third place on Steam’s most played list, with around 350,000 concurrent players.

Connectivity Issues and Multiplayer Features

While the success of Palworld is undeniable, the massive launch has caused connectivity issues on the game’s servers. Some users have experienced difficulties connecting to the game. Pocketpair has acknowledged the issue and reassured players that they are working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, players have reported success in connecting after attempting to reconnect multiple times or waiting for a period after launching the game.

On Steam, multiplayer allows up to 32 players to inhabit the same world cooperatively. However, there are limitations for players on Xbox or PC through Game Pass or the Microsoft store, as co-op is currently limited to two to four players. Pocketpair has addressed these limitations on the Palworld Discord and expressed their desire to have dedicated servers on Xbox. Despite their efforts, the studio has acknowledged the challenges in negotiating dedicated servers for the Xbox platform.

Palworld: 1 Million Copies Sold in 8 Hours

The Last of Us Part Two Remastered and PlayStation Plus Games

In other gaming news, Sony has released a remastered version of The Last of Us Part Two for the PlayStation 5. The enhanced version includes bonus features such as developer commentary on lost levels, a no return rogue-like mode, and guitar-free play modes. For players who already own the PS4 version, they can upgrade to the PS5 version for a $10 fee. However, those who may have overpaid for the upgrade before the pricing was announced are eligible for a refund from Sony.

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, several PS4 games are set to leave the service in February. Titles such as Ace Combat 7, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, and Tekken 7, among others, will no longer be available on the platform after February 20th.

That wraps up today’s gaming news. Despite the connectivity challenges, Palworld has proven to be a massive success, and Sony’s commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable. Enjoy a great weekend of gaming ahead!

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Palworld: 1 Million Copies Sold in 8 Hours