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    Overwatch, World of Warcraft servers experienced global outages on April 13

    Some Activision Blizzard Entertainment games attached to its service, namely Overwatch and World of Warcraft, have been experiencing global outages, as of 5:50pm CT on April 13.

    Hearthstone, another game, appears to be unaffected.

    Around that time, players were dropped from games and given an error that stated the game’s server connection had failed. Some of the biggest Overwatch streamers, like Emongg and Kephrii, were booted in the middle of play.

    Players on the Blizzard Entertainment forums said they’d been dropped from Overwatch servers across the globe, including South America and the European Union.

    Numerous World of Warcraft players also reported the same issues of being abruptly dropped from servers. A customer support worker posted in the forums that the issue is “being looked into,” as of 6pm CT. The official Blizzard customer service account, which tracks outages, posted an update at 6:12pm related to the outages.

    As of 6:30pm CT, players on most global servers have had success logging into Overwatch and resuming games. World of Warcraft players are having intermittent success, with one customer service representative saying they “may still be seeing some issues logging in” but that teams are working on a fix.

    Update April 13, 6:50 CT: The official Blizzard Entertainment customer service account has informed players that the login issues have been resolved. All games should be back to normal.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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