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    Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen gets a gameplay trailer

    Blizzard has revealed a new trailer that shows off upcoming Overwatch 2 hero Junker Queen’s abilities in action.

    The trailer shows Junker Queen taking out enemies in a variety of locations, including her native Junkertown. It shows off all of her previously-revealed abilities, like her Scattergun primary fire and her Commanding Shout area-of-effect buff. Viewers were also treated to many of the Queen’s voice lines, including special interactions with Junkrat and Roadhog, two other (former) residents of Junkertown.

    Alongside the video, Blizzard published a deep dive blog post detailing the inspiration and reasoning behind Junker Queen’s combat design. Unlike the tanks who are coming over from the first Overwatch, the Queen was built from the ground up for five-vs-five combat. She was also designed specifically for Overwatch 2‘s one-tank teams, so she’s capable of plenty of damage and crowd control by herself. Blizzard made her a “brawly” hero and a “berserker tank” specifically to fit the new, more aggressive tank role.

    Like the rest of Overwatch 2’s playable cast, Junker Queen has several abilities that she can use to rule the battlefield. Her passive, Adrenaline Rush, allows her to wound enemies with her abilities and heal from the damage over time the wound causes. Carnage sees her swing her ax forward in a huge arc, wounding all enemies within its radius.

    Jagged Blade has two potential uses: a secondary fire active that has the Queen throw her knife Gracie in a skill shot and enables her to yank any enemies it hits closer to herself, and a passive that wounds any enemy hit by her quick melee attack. Commanding Shout gives all nearby allies a health and movement speed buff, which helps her keep her teammates alive. Her ultimate, Rampage, makes her charge forward while whirling her ax, wounding and debuffing all enemies she hits.

    Junker Queen will be available to play during the next Overwatch 2 PvP beta, which begins on June 28.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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