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    Overwatch 2 developers plan to return cards that showed the best results of the players at the end of the match

    This was told by system designer Gavin Winters in an interview with the foreign gaming portal Dexerto.

    Near the end of Overwatch 1, almost no one used these cards. Most of the players left the match before they showed up.

    In Overwatch 1, at the end of the match, cards showing the most distinguished players appeared. It was possible to vote for such players – when the player’s card got 5 votes, the hero said a special phrase on it, 10 votes were considered “legendary praise” and a special line was also played there for 5 and 10 likes of the card). This system did not give any bonuses and did not affect the level of reputation.

    According to Winters, the developers would like to bring the card system back into the game.

    But we have to make it make more sense,” he added. – So that the cards have some real value, otherwise few people were interested in them without it.

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