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    Overwatch 2 beta releases new balance update

    Yesterday, Blizzard released an update to the Overwatch 2 beta that included some balance adjustments for a number of heroes. A complete list of these changes can be found below.


    • The minimum amount of damage absorbed by Power Block required to charge Rocket Strike has been reduced from 100 to 90.
    • Slam Block now reduces movement speed while blocking damage by 30% instead of 50%.
    • Rocket Strike now deals damage to all enemies knocked back by Doomfist (previously only dealt to the first one hit).

    Queen of the Vultures

    • Rallying Cry radius reduced from 20 to 15 yards.
    • The health added to allies now decreases over time.
    • Rallying Cry maximum duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
    • Ultimate radius reduced from 6 to 5 meters.


    • Protective Field now protects Orisa from critical hits.
    • Spear Spin movement speed bonus increased from 40% to 50%.


    • Normal fire rate reduced from 15 to 14 rounds per second.
    • PKM projectile radius now changes depending on the energy level of the gun from 0 to the previous value of 0.1 m. The higher the energy level, the greater the radius of the projectile.


    • RMB charging time reduced from 1.2 sec to 1 sec.
    • PKM projectile radius increased from 0.4 to 0.5 m.
    • Teleport CD reduced from 16 to 12 seconds.


    • Shields reduced from 175 to 150.

    Among the important fixes: Fixed an issue that caused Soldier 76’s Sprint to increase run speed by 40% instead of 50%.

    As seen on PlayGround

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