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    Overwatch 2 beta already infiltrated by hackers

    Although the Overwatch 2 beta has only been out for three days now, hackers have already started using cheats like aimbots to ruin other players’ experiences.

    In a video shared by the Twitter account Anti-Cheat Police Department, a player demonstrated the effects of a wallhack while using Soldier: 76 in the training grounds.

    “Cheats are already out for Overwatch 2,” the tweet reads. “Hopefully they are detectable and won’t last long, I really hope the blizzard anti-cheat department has some good plans to tackle the cheating problem space, or it will just be an unfair competitive environment just like Overwatch 1 was.”

    This clip isn’t the only evidence of cheating reaching the beta. In the responses to Anti-Cheat Police Department’s video, another player shared a video of an Overwatch 2 play of the game. In the clip, a player by the name of Jennifer used cheat software to lock on to targets, making it impossible to play against them.

    The evidence of cheating in the beta has many players wondering how Blizzard will address the issues and whether Overwatch‘s anti-cheat was updated at all for the beta. While cheatmakers are notoriously persistent and will likely continue creating and selling cheats for future Overwatch 2 betas and the eventual full game, the hope is that Blizzard will quickly address the worst cheats and ban offenders, particularly repeat offenders.

    The Overwatch 2 beta is live now.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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