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    Overclocked to 6 GHz Intel Core i7-13700K demonstrates impressive performance

    Another representative of the 13th generation Core family, the Core i7-13700K, fell into the hands of Chinese enthusiasts. It was overclocked to 6 GHz on “large” cores, and in this mode, the upcoming i7 literally breaks performance records.

    For overclocking to 6 GHz, it was necessary to disable all energy-efficient cores. As a result, in the single-threaded CPU-Z test, the processor scored 983 points. For reference, the flagship Core i9-13900K at “native” 5.5 GHz is gaining about 892 points here.

    With the activation of all cores, the frequency of the “large” ones dropped to 5.8 GHz, and the “small” ones worked at 3.7 GHz. In this mode, in CPU-Z on a single core, the Core i7-13700K scores 947 points.

    During testing, the voltage increased to a rather big 1.4-1.55 V, but the temperature sensor as a maximum showed 85 ° C. What is true, it is not known what kind of cooling was used.

    As seen on PlayGround

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