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    Over 1 million copies sold The Outlast Trials

    The Outlast Trials has sold over 1 million copies, studio co-founder Philip Morin said in an interview.

    The latest installment in the acclaimed Outlast horror series hit Steam Early Access a couple of months ago, marking a new direction for the series. While the previous two Outlast games were traditional single-player first-person horror games, The Outlast Trials switched the formula to cooperative multiplayer for the first time.

    “Yes, we actually hit 1 million units on PC. It’s amazing. I’ve never worked on a game for so long before. In fact, this is the longest period since Outlast 2, which took three years to create, said Morin. There were many ups and downs during production. Obviously the pandemic has had quite a big impact.”

    Outlast Trials has been in active development for over five years now, with the first teaser for the game released at the end of 2019. After a successful release in Early Access, the Red Barrels team focused on releasing new content for the game.

    “We are in good shape. We just need to create a hell of a ton of content,” Morin said bluntly. Even though Red Barrel has grown in size over the years, they are still quite small compared to top-notch developers, so creating multiplayer content is “a lot”. The fundamentals of the game are solid and it exists in the world. It’s really about adding twists and surprises to keep the experience as fresh as possible from one time to the next.

    Reports from 2018 indicate that the series had sold over 15 million units between Outlast and Outlast 2 at that point. The latest game in the series sold over a million in just two months since its Early Access launch.

    The Outlast Trials remains in Early Access and does not currently have a full release date, the game is only available on PC.

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