Outsmarting Google and ChatGPT


I use Perplexity MORE than Google and ChatGPT... [TUTORIAL]

I think you should pay attention to perplexity Ai and here’s why it’s slowly replacing Google and chpt for me and many other people Jeff Bezos personally invested in this app along with Nvidia and many other well-known Silicon Valley investors.

Perplexity AI is essentially a search engine, but with incredibly advanced features that make it a game changer. It allows you to search the web, find and summarize information from multiple sources, and even create code, just to name a few. The ability to attach files, analyze images, and summarize PDFs is also a huge bonus.

The impressive capabilities of perplexity AI extend to its playground feature, where you can play around with different AI models, including the latest ones released by OpenAI, in a very user-friendly and intuitive manner. The fact that it offers a free version with limitations and a paid pro version means you can give it a try before deciding if an upgrade is worth it for you.

Outsmarting Google and ChatGPT

This AI is a powerful tool that has the potential to greatly enhance the way we access information on the internet. It’s exciting to see the possibilities that it opens up, and it’s definitely worth experimenting with to see if it can improve your online experience.

So, give it a try and see how it can benefit you. It could just be that breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for in your online interactions.

Outsmarting Google and ChatGPT