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    Outsiders advance to 2-1 bracket at PGL Antwerp Major over perplexed Complexity

    Outsiders have secured their place in the 2-1 bracket of the Challengers stage at the PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major. The CIS representatives defeated North America’s Complexity 16-9 on Overpass today.

    Despite the final result suggesting a one-sided series, Grim and crew weren’t far from grabbing the momentum for themselves and possibly winning the game. In the end, though, the heavy favorites Outsiders can now cherish being one match away from the Legends stage.

    The first half of today’s game was even. Complexity triumphed in the pistol round on the terrorist side and secured two anti-ecos. Once the CIS side got their hands on guns, though, both sides traded blow for blow. Jame and floppy, snipers of both squads, nailed clutches and the first half finished with an 8-7 lead for Outsiders.

    In the second half, Complexity confidently snatched the 18th and 19th round, forcing their opponents on a poor buy with just Deagles and one AWP. The NA team, however, didn’t seem to communicate well enough and, due to several mistakes, lost the round. A similar scenario happened a few minutes later when Complexity could have won by stopping the plant, but reckless JT peak made them lose that too. Both rounds must have had a mental impact on Complexity, who didn’t secure a single round afterward.

    The series was almost a one-man show. It was Outsiders’ AWPer, Jame, who was the most impactful player in the match. He scored 18 kills throughout the game, with 17 on the AWP.

    In other matchups today, Bad News Eagles defeated Imperial, while Spirit took care of Eternal Fire. Astralis, on the other hand, stopped a comeback attempt from MIBR, who were taken down with 16-13.

    The action at PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major continues, with two elimination matches and two advancement games scheduled to take place today.

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