Oshio-Mama’s Outrageous Threat


Oshio-Mama Threatens To Destroy COVER's 2.7 Billion Studio For This...

Oshio-Mama Threatens To Destroy COVER’s 2.7 Billion Studio

Koyori and Kanata’s Controversial Discussion

Hakui Koyori and Amane Kanata, two popular VTubers from Hololive, recently stirred up controversy during a live stream in which they discussed a rather unusual topic. The discussion revolved around the idea of dreams and illusions and took an unexpected turn when they talked about Oshio-Mama and Kanata’s breast size. This conversation quickly caught the attention of their fans and the online community at large.

An Unexpected Threat

During their live stream, Koyori and Kanata mentioned Oshio-Mama, referring to her as “Mama-Sensei.” They discussed Oshio-Mama’s categorical denial of Kanata potentially having a substantial bust size, which led to some humorous interactions. However, things turned serious when they alluded to an upcoming incident involving Cover Corp.

Recently, it was revealed that Oshio-Mama had expressed anger, even threatening to destroy Cover Corp’s 2.7 billion studio. This revelation left the audience bewildered, and it led to concerns about the potential implications for the company and its employees.

Oshio-Mama’s Outrageous Threat

A Light-Hearted Response

After the revelation, Koyori and Kanata’s personalities shone through as they reacted to the situation. In good humor, they asked for Oshio-Mama’s forgiveness, even jokingly suggesting that if the destruction were to happen, it could take place at a certain individual’s desk. This light-hearted approach to the news helped alleviate some of the concerns raised by the threat.

Overall, the unexpected turn of events from an entertaining live stream to a potential threat against a major corporation has taken the internet community by surprise. While the situation is undoubtedly serious, the response from the VTubers has showcased their ability to handle sensitive topics with humor and grace.

In conclusion, Despite the unexpected turn of events, Koyori and Kanata will likely continue to provide engaging content and laughter to their audience, showing that even in difficult situations, there’s always a silver lining.

Oshio-Mama’s Outrageous Threat