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    ORDER’s Corporal following loss to G2 at MSI 2022: ‘It was so winnable’

    The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational kicked off with six games being played in total during the opening day of the tournament. In one of the games, the European representatives, G2 Esports, clashed with the champions of LCO 2022 Split One, ORDER.

    G2 were the heavy favorites to triumph over their today’s opponents. Despite winning, not everything went to plan for the European champions, with ORDER grabbing solo kills on Broken Blade and Caps. After the loss, Corporal, the Japanese-Australian support spoke about the game in an interview with Dexerto’s Andrew Amos.

    In the eyes of the 20-year-old, the game against G2 showed everyone that defeating the European side is more than possible. An upset could have even been pulled off in today’s match, but ORDER allowed too many mistakes to slip through.

    “It was so winnable, and I feel like we showcased that plenty of times throughout that game,” Corporal said. “Unfortunately we had that egregious baron throw which gave away a 3,000 gold lead at that point. If we play a bit more standardly and optimize a few of those things, we’ll take those games.”

    ORDER have been placed in the so-called “group of life,” which only consists of three teams, including G2 and NA’s Evil Geniuses. With two major regions in the group, the Oceanic squad had been crossed off from the start. Corporal believes, though, that they’re able to make it to the next stage of MSI 2022. “These games, we win these games. After playing for five minutes, I just knew it was going to be so much easier than I thought,” he said.

    Tomorrow, Corporal and his crew will face off against Evil Geniuses. While NA is favored again, the support thinks that they will come out as winners of the series. “G2 is better out of those two teams, so I guess Evil Geniuses is going to go down. We’re going to smack them.”

    MSI 2022 returns tomorrow at 3am CT. You can catch all the action at

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