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    OpTic get their revenge by sending XERXIA home in 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík Group B decider match

    OpTic Gaming secured their spot in the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík playoffs by defeating XERXIA in the Group B decider match today. 

    XERXIA and OpTic faced off in their opening match on Sunday, April 10, resulting in a surprising 2-0 win for XERXIA. OpTic survived by taking out KRU Esports in an elimination match, while XERXIA dropped to the decider match after losing against Team Liquid. OpTic weren’t ready to lose to the same VALORANT team twice, however, and redeemed themselves with a swift 2-0 victory. 

    OpTic stood firm in the opening pistol round on Fracture, stopping XERXIA’s push into the A site, successfully retaking the B site with ease, and winning the second round without issue. XERXIA did win their first buy round, but they lost four players, while OpTic managed to finish the round with a couple of rifles. The North American team won round four, but XERXIA successfully rotated to the B site in round five, getting the spike down and killing all OpTic players besides yay. 

    Yay bought an Operator in round six, although he accidentally teleported to the wrong spot with Chamber, giving sushiboys an easy kill. OpTIc almost held the A site, but XERXIA’s Crws killed three enemies to save the round for his team. OpTic were forced to save in round seven, which gave XERXIA an easy round win to take the lead. Round eight was a blood bath since both teams lost four players and Victor was forced to save his rifle as XERXIA won the round. 

    The following round was another intense and messy situation. XERXIA pushed into the A site with less than 20 seconds left in the round, although they did manage to plant the spike. But crashies won a one-vs-one situation against foxz, preventing XERXIA from building their lead. OpTic Marved and Victor combined Neon’s stun and Brmstone’s ultimate to clean up the final three players in round 10, allowing the team to tie the game. 

    Both teams won one more round each to close out the half, and sushiboys clutched a one-vs-two situation in round 12, using Cypher’s abilities to outplay and outgun the remaining two OpTic players. 

    OpTic won the second pistol round when FNS killed three players to defend the spike. OpTic maintained their momentum in the following two rounds, which included winning their bonus round and significantly impacting XERXIA’s economy. XERXIA didn’t win round 16, but they did take out four OpTic players and drew out Brimstone’s ultimate. 

    XERXIA called out a timeout before round 17, which worked in their favor as they won their first round of the second half. OpTic followed up with their own timeout, but they failed to hold the A site against a retake in round 18. OpTic took the game to match point by winning round 20, but sushiboys pulled off an incredible hold in round 21, significantly impacting OpTic’s economy. OpTic finally closed out the first map 13-9 in round 22, though. 

    OpTic started off Haven with a bang, winning the first three rounds, including their bonus round. But XERXIA pulled off an impressive Thrifty win in round four, preventing OpTic from lining their pockets with a robust economy. XERXIA followed up with another round win in round five and called a timeout immediately after to regroup. Yay almost won a one-vs-two in round six but decided to escape with his Operator instead of trying to be a hero. He redeemed himself by securing the final kill in the following round, which was an intense and quick trade fest on the C site. 

    OpTic maintained the hectic momentum in rounds eight and nine, bullying their way into the C site for quick and successful plants. The next two rounds were a similar story as OpTic dominated XERXIA, taking gunfights and setting a frantic tempo that was almost impossible to counter. The North American team ended the first half with a B site execute to go up 9-3. 

    XERXIA won the first two rounds in the second half, but OpTic prevented them from taking the bonus round and closing the gap further. OpTic took the series to match point by winning two more rounds, but XERXIA stayed alive with a crucial win in round 18. XERXIA should’ve won round 19, but OpTic won the map with an incredible round victory with pistols and a dream.

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