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    Operation Luna 1977 has begun in World of Tanks Blitz

    From August 1 to August 29, World of Tanks Blitz features the Luna 1977 operation content, tankers are offered the familiar system with upgraded passes and rewards in the original style.

    According to the plot of the operation, players will lead the scientific program at the Diana lunar station, discovering the high technologies of the future. Complete tasks and upgrade levels. Rewards include rare camouflage patterns, avatars, resources, profile backgrounds, and containers.

    With a special version of the pass, you can count on DW 2 and Rover vehicles, as well as exclusive cosmetic items. Also in the game is available mode “Realistic battles”. Meanwhile, in the usual WoT, they are preparing the celebration of the 12th anniversary and the next stage of the “Arcade”.

    As seen on PlayGround

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