Open AI Leak & More AI News


New Open AI Leak! (And Other AI News)

New Open AI Leak! (And Other AI News)

I just got a new sweater from Microsoft, it’s actually the Windows XP old background, I thought it was pretty cool. But anyway, there’s a lot of AI news this week to cover, so let’s jump right in!

GPT-4.5 Leak

According to a leaked screenshot found on Reddit, GPT-4.5 is rumored to be the most advanced model yet, with capabilities in audio, vision, video, and 3D. However, it’s still unconfirmed, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from OpenAI.

GPT Got Lazy For The Holidays?

There’s a current theory that GPT-4 might perform worse in December because it learned to do less work over the holidays. This hypothesis is based on observations of GPT producing shorter completions when it thinks it’s December compared to when it thinks it’s May.

Open AI Leak & More AI News

Axel Springer & OpenAI Partnership

Axel Springer and open AI recently announced a partnership to deepen beneficial use of AI in journalism. This means that Axel Springer’s news content will now be included in OpenAI’s responses, allowing users to stay updated on current events and news through AI-generated content.

ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions Re-enabled

Great news for those interested in ChatGPT Plus – subscriptions have been re-enabled, so now more people can access this advanced version of OpenAI’s chatbot.

Google Gemini Demo Recreation

Last week, Google received backlash for a misleading demo of their Gemini, which portrayed real-time video input being processed by AI (when it was actually images and narrated over). However, Greg Technology demonstrated that many of the same features can be achieved with ChatGPT Vision right now.

NotebookLM and Gemini API Release

Google launched NotebookLM, a tool enabling users to extract information from documents, and the Gemini API, allowing developers to start working with this new technology. Both of these innovations are poised to make a significant impact in AI tools development.

MusicFX Introduction

Formerly known as MusicLM, Google rebranded this tool to MusicFX, allowing users to generate music based on their preferences. With a focus on improving the music generation capabilities, it’s a promising step in the field of generative art.

Open AI Leak & More AI News

Imagen 2 for Vertex AI Customers

Google has rolled out Imagen 2, offering advanced image analysis capabilities such as logal generation and visual question-answering functions. This innovation has already found adoption from platforms like Snapchat, Shutterstock, and Canva.

Wirestock’s AI Image Styles Feature

Wirestock, a platform for AI-generated images, introduced a new feature called “Themes” for premium users, allowing them to create and train custom image styles, providing an avenue for creators to earn income through their unique styles.

MidJourney Updates

MidJourney, a platform for AI image generation, has seen an update with a new website for image creation. Alongside this, they’ve also announced the upcoming release of MidJourney Version 6, set to offer enhanced features for AI art enthusiasts.

Stable Zero123 and Stability AI Membership

Stability AI introduced Stable Zero123, allowing users to generate 3D images from 2D inputs. They also updated their membership tiers, providing non-commercial and professional options for accessing their AI tools.

Claude for Sheets and Mixtral of Experts Explanation

Anthropic launched Claude for Google Sheets, allowing users to generate prompts directly within cells. Additionally, Mistral AI presented Mixtral of Experts, a new large language model showcasing better performance than GPT 3.5 and traditional large language models.

Open AI Leak & More AI News

Meta Audio Generation and AI Glasses

Meta unveiled Meta AudioBox, enabling voice generation and manipulation with a variety of capabilities. Furthermore, they expanded the functionality of their AI-powered glasses, allowing users to ask questions about their surroundings in real time.

SMERF Introduction and Instagram’s AI Tool

A new technique called SMERF was introduced, offering efficient 3D rendering from 2D images. Meanwhile, Instagram integrated a new AI-powered background editing tool into their platform, providing users with advanced image manipulation features.

Snapchat AI Snaps and Tesla Optimus Reveal

Snapchat launched an AI Extend feature, enabling users to extend the content of their images. Additionally, Tesla revealed their new Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot, showcasing remarkable capabilities in movement, balance, and interaction.

Future Tools and Smart Glasses Giveaway

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Overall, it’s an exciting time in the world of AI, with innovations across various domains showcasing the immense potential of this technology. Stay tuned for more updates and remember to keep exploring the incredible possibilities that AI has to offer!

Open AI Leak & More AI News