Oops, My 8GB RAM Didn’t Cut It – Sorry Apple!


Sorry Apple But My 8GB RAM Was NOT Enough

Sorry Apple But My 8GB RAM Was NOT Enough

When it comes to Apple products, sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade. Sam Tucker, a tech YouTuber, knows this firsthand. In a recent video, he discusses why 8GB of RAM was not enough for his M1 MacBook Air and how he decided to invest in a new 16GB 16-inch MacBook instead. Let’s dive into the details of his decision and his experience with the upgrade.

Why 8GB Was Not Enough

Despite Apple’s claim that 8GB of RAM on the M series is equivalent to 16GB on other systems, Sam found that there were instances where his 8GB of RAM started to struggle. While it was sufficient for basic tasks like web browsing, word processing, and photo editing, it faced challenges when it came to video editing. Large multicam videos and clips with complex effects caused the system to ask for more RAM, making the editing process cumbersome.

Additionally, filling up the base model’s 256GB of storage also impacted performance, as the SSD couldn’t alleviate the strain of memory-intensive tasks.

Oops, My 8GB RAM Didn’t Cut It – Sorry Apple!

Upgrading to the MacBook Chunk

Sam opted to upgrade to a 16GB 16-inch MacBook, equipped with an M2 processor, to meet his growing editing needs. His decision to go for the larger display and pro model, which includes an SD card slot, was influenced by his desire for a more versatile and portable editing setup. He considered a Mac Studio but found that the MacBook Chunk offered a balance of power and portability for his editing needs.

The Ultimate Desktop Setup

To complement his new MacBook, Sam partnered with iVANKY to incorporate the FusionDock Max 1 into his editing workflow. This docking station provides a seamless way to expand a MacBook’s capabilities, with 20 ports including USBC, USBA, optical audio, and SD card slots, making it ideal for video editing. The dock’s quad display support and unique double Thunderbolt cable impressed Sam, elevating his editing experience to a new level.

Final Verdict

After upgrading to the 16GB MacBook Chunk and integrating the FusionDock Max 1, Sam found that the larger RAM made minor differences in his day-to-day tasks and video editing projects. However, the larger screen and SSD, along with the FusionDock’s enhanced connectivity, contributed to an overall improved editing experience.

While the upgrade came with a hefty price tag, Sam is content with the enhanced capabilities of his new setup and is excited to put it to use for future projects, both at home and on the go.

For all tech enthusiasts out there, exploring new setups and finding the right tools can be an exciting journey. Whether it’s upgrading RAM, investing in a high-performance system, or discovering innovative accessories like the FusionDock Max 1, the world of tech is full of opportunities to elevate your creative endeavors.

Oops, My 8GB RAM Didn’t Cut It – Sorry Apple!

Stay funky, keep exploring, and embrace the technology that fuels your passion!

Oops, My 8GB RAM Didn’t Cut It – Sorry Apple!