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    NVIDIA’s new flagship Ada Lovelace video chip reported, which has 18176 cores, 48 ​​GB of memory and a TDP of 800 W

    Authoritative source Kopite7kimi claims that the AD102 GPU-based video card will have a new board name – PG137not PG139 for the RTX 4090. NVIDIA was previously said to be designing a triple-fan card for the RTX 40 series, so this flagship model could very well be the first to need such a cooler, and most likely a new PCB.

    The new cooling system should be really efficient as the card will have the power 800 W TDPas mentioned by an insider. This is significantly more than the RTX 4090 with a TDP of 450W. Such power supply requirements may force NVIDIA to release the first reference cable with two 16-pin power connectors.

    This model supposedly has 142 streaming multiprocessors, that is, a total of 18176 CUDA cores. It’s about eleven% more than the RTX 4090. It is also reported that the RTX 40 will have up to 48 GB memory GDDR6X. This is not only higher capacity than the RTX 4090 (24 GB), but also faster memory (24 Gb / s vs. 21 Gb / s). This configuration provides maximum throughput 1.1 TB/s.

    The most important thing is that the full name of the video card is not indicated, and you cannot be sure if this is the new RTX 4090 Ti or TITAN. There’s really no guarantee that such a model will ever be released, but given Kopite7kimi’s track record of leaks, it’s certain that such an instance is actually being developed.

    And finally it says that GeForce RTX 4090 will be announced soon. The current rumored launch date for the RTX 4090 is October, but NVIDIA tends to tease or introduce their products earlier. It’s still unclear how soon the new Ada Lovelace architecture will be shown.

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