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    Now we know who to thank for the voice acting of the red-haired protagonist in Stray

    Stray, the latest adventure from Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio, is out now for PC and Playstation. In the game, you play as an orange stray cat who navigates a dystopian cyberpunk world to be reunited with his family.

    Since you are in control of a cat, there are many cat antics in the game, such as knocking things over, scratching carpet or trees, jumping into boxes. But one of the nicest details is that the game has an entire button dedicated to meowing (and even an achievement for meowing at least 100 times!).

    In order for the players to be able to meow from the heart, it is quite logical that an actor is needed to voice the meow sounds.

    This is where Lala comes to the rescue.

    Lala plays the role of the adorable meow and other cat sounds you hear while playing Stray. Many gamers considered her to be a very talented actress with a fairly wide vocal range, and the tweet got as many as 150,000 likes.

    Obviously, the players aren’t the only ones who think Lala did a great job in her role. Due to the realism, many cats enjoy watching their owners play Stray. Both humans and their feline friends quickly fell in love with the game and the cats in it, and of course Lala played a part in that with her great voice.

    It is currently not known if Lala plans to continue voicing new projects, but many would very much like her to do so.

    Stray is available now for PS4, PS5 and PC.

    As seen on PlayGround

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