Nova Hearts: A Fiery Teaser


Nova Hearts - Official Teaser Trailer

Nova Hearts: An Exciting Fusion of Dating and Combat!

What happens when you combine turn-based combat with a dating simulation game? You get Nova Hearts, the latest innovative project from Othercide!

Luce’s Cosmic Adventure

Players will join Luce and her crew on an epic adventure to unravel the mysteries of a cosmic force that has transformed them and others into superheroes and villains. The game promises an engaging narrative as Luce explores the unknown, confronts her own transformations, and seeks answers to the cosmic phenomenon.

Text, Talk, Date, and Fight!

In Nova Hearts, players will have the chance to navigate various relationships, from forging connections with virtuous heroes to interacting with nefarious villains. The game promises to deliver an array of choices and consequences through text-based conversations, dates, and interactions that will shape Luce’s relationships with the diverse characters she encounters.

Nova Hearts: A Fiery Teaser

Skillful Combat and Stylish Combos

As players progress through the game, they will need to use their strategic wit and stylish combat skills to confront adversaries. The game’s turn-based combat system offers a unique blend of dating and combat mechanics, challenging players to utilize their relationships and abilities to create powerful combos and emerge victorious in battle.

Release Details

Nova Hearts is set to launch in Summer 2024 for PC. However, players eager to dive into Luce’s cosmic adventure can get a taste of the game with the first chapter, titled ‘Nova Hearts: The Spark’, releasing for free on PC on January 17, 2024.

With its intriguing mix of dating simulation and turn-based combat, Nova Hearts is poised to offer players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that transcends traditional genres. Get ready to embark on Luce’s cosmic journey, make meaningful connections, and engage in thrilling battles as Nova Hearts unfolds its captivating narrative!

Positive note: Start counting down the days until you can experience the captivating world of Nova Hearts for yourself!

Nova Hearts: A Fiery Teaser