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    No, Eternals aren’t canceled: League devs say players can expect series 2 ‘before the end of the year’

    Daniel “Rovient” Leaver, a developer at Riot Games, has revealed that the second series of Eternals—the champion stat tracking system—is set to launch in League of Legends “before the end of the year.”

    Chipping in on a discussion on Reddit on May 8, Rovient underlined that Eternals track “champion specific performance,” contrary to the new Challenges system, which was detailed in full on Friday, May 6.

    Eternals are a premium mastery system that premiered in 2020. The first series added personal achievements for champions, which are tied to abilities and skillsets. For example, Akali players can count and showcase how many enemies they’ve killed with Perfect Execution (R) and Elise mains can see how many opponents they’ve stunned with their Cocoon (E).

    These unique achievements can be shown in-game and are relatively cheap and easy to purchase. If a player chooses, they can buy one or two champion Eternals by spending just 225 Riot Points or 2,500 Blue Essense, instead of investing in the full roster of champions. But for those who seek to track stats on every champion in the game, there’s the Starter Series Enterals Pass available for 1,350 RP or 14,750 Blue Essense.

    With a new set of Eternals heading to League of Legends before the end of the year, it’s likely that the devs will shape up the system somewhat and improve the experience for players. This could be in the form of more achievements, but it might also be a full rework of the system.

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