Nintendo vs. GameLinked: The Showdown


Nintendo is NOT Happy About This


Nintendo and Palworld Controversy

Palworld, the official Pokemon ripoff, has been generating headlines for its massive concurrent player count on Steam. Despite the game’s resemblance to Pokemon, garnering mixed reviews, and concerns over the use of generative AI, the controversy surrounding its development and release continues to capture the attention of gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Nintendo’s Response and Palworld’s Fallout

Nintendo fans are up in arms over Palworld’s potential use of generative AI, while others have criticized the game for blatantly ripping off Pokemon’s designs. However, Nintendo’s official statement on the matter has been limited, leaving many to speculate about the company’s intentions. The controversy also extends to a mod created by YouTuber Toasted Shoes, which replaced Palworld’s creatures with actual Pokemon, resulting in a DMCA takedown from Nintendo.

Nintendo vs. GameLinked: The Showdown

Starfield and Walmart’s Removal

An internal memo from Walmart indicated the disposal of all physical copies of Starfield, sparking concerns about the future of physical game releases. However, an anonymous source from Walmart clarified that the removal is a common practice when new versions of a game become available, implying that Starfield will continue to be sold with discounts in the future.

Riot Games Layoffs

Riot Games recently announced significant layoffs amounting to 11% of its workforce, following a series of strategic decisions that did not pay off. Despite the layoffs, Riot has offered generous compensation and support to departing employees, emphasizing a commitment to their wellbeing during the transition.

Quick Bits

Quick Bits is brought to you by Magic Spoon, a keto-friendly cereal brand perfect for early morning gaming sessions, offering a sweet discount using the code ‘Linus.’ The segment also covers the return of the Overwatch League, Capcom’s DRM drama, the discovery of GBA ROM files through crash sounds, MSI’s social media controversy, and the game director’s unconventional stance on fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

As the gaming world continues to buzz with controversy and innovation, one thing remains clear—enthusiasts and industry players alike are passionate about their craft and the future of gaming.

Nintendo vs. GameLinked: The Showdown

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the gaming world and continue to enjoy the thrill of new releases and industry developments!

Nintendo vs. GameLinked: The Showdown