Nintendo Switch 2 Predicted to Arrive in 2024, $400


Nintendo Switch 2 Predicted to Arrive in 2024, Possibly $400 - IGN Daily Fix

Exciting Times for Gamers: New Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox Updates!

Exciting news for Nintendo fans! Industry analysts are predicting the arrival of the long-awaited Nintendo Switch sequel in 2024. According to gaming expert Dr. Cirin Toto and analyst Pierce Harding Rolls, the successor to the popular console is anticipated to hit the market with a price tag of $400. The new hardware is likely to be an iteration from the current Switch, maintaining features that fans love, such as portability.

What to Expect from Switch 2

If the predictions hold true, the Switch 2 is expected to bring some cosmetic upgrades and improved hardware, reminiscent of the transition from DS to 3DS models. One of the big questions among fans is whether the new console will be backwards compatible. Recent reports indicate that the momentum for a Switch upgrade has been building since last year, when a demo showcasing the platform’s expected hardware capabilities was unveiled to developers at Gamescom.

In the meantime, the current Nintendo Switch continues to release exciting games such as Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door HD remaster, a remake of Mario versus Donkey Kong, and a new Princess Peach game. The steady flow of new titles suggests that the platform remains vibrant and will be supported well into the launch of the sequel.

Nintendo Switch 2 Predicted to Arrive in 2024, $400

Highly Anticipated Konami Remakes

Sony recently sparked excitement by listing Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta and the Silent Hill 2 remake as part of the 2024 games lineup for the PS5. Both titles are among a slate of highly anticipated games coming to the platform this year, promising an exciting trip down memory lane for fans of these classic franchises. The remake of Silent Hill 2 is expected to faithfully capture the terrifying atmosphere of the original, while also modernizing the gameplay and graphics.

Xbox Series S Toaster: The Latest Addition to Your Gaming Collection

Xbox is also making headlines with the release of the Xbox Series S toaster, an unconventional yet intriguing addition to the Xbox ecosystem. Priced at $40 and available from Walmart, the toaster features a bagel function, digital countdown timer, and six different shade settings. But most importantly, it will expertly toast the Xbox logo onto your toast, bringing a touch of gaming flair to your breakfast routine.

With exciting new releases and innovative hardware on the horizon, it’s a great time to be a gamer!

Nintendo Switch 2 Predicted to Arrive in 2024, $400