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    Nine minutes of gameplay from the tactical western Hard West 2 with developer commentary

    To the game Hard West 2, available today on PC, A new gameplay video has been released featuring nine minutes of gameplay commentary by Executive Producer Randy Greenback.

    The tactical western from Ice Code Games boasts solid classic mechanics and introduces several new elements, such as a navigation map between missions and Bravado, which restores a character’s action points if he manages to kill an enemy during his turn.

    In particular, this feature is highlighted in the video: Laughing Deer is sent to destroy opponents with his machete and the fact that it only requires one “coin” to use, which allows him to double-strike and thereby get many kills.

    What’s more, Hard West 2 characters have special moves that can often solve even the most confusing situations, and can move even after being attacked, since the actions are performed freely, with a limit of only three coins during each turn.

    As seen on PlayGround

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