Nijisanji Hero Hei’s Hilarious Damage Control


Nijisanji Damage Control has become Hilarious

Nijisanji Drama Unfolds on Reddit

As critical posts about Uki Violeta and his disparaging remarks continue to flood Reddit, a pattern emerges: certain posts are mysteriously removed. The implications raise questions about the nature of moderation and damage control within the Nijisanji community.

Disappearing Posts

Concerned Redditors have noticed a peculiar trend. As Uki Violeta attracts criticism, the posts spotlighting his behavior vanish from the Nijisanji subreddit. This raises suspicions that Uki himself may be using moderator privileges to suppress negative feedback. A post titled “I kind of find it really funny that this sub is suddenly modded as soon as Uki posts started to show up” was swiftly removed, fueling speculation.

The Role of Moderators

Amid the removal of critical posts, questions are raised about the moderators’ impartiality. Users are quick to point out that Nijisanji talents themselves are part of the moderation team, leading to speculation about their involvement in the suppression of dissenting voices. A comment suggesting that “Uki is one of the mods” draws attention to the irony of a talent wielding their power to silence criticism while being outspoken about their own treatment.

Nijisanji Hero Hei’s Hilarious Damage Control

Defining Core Values

Another deleted post raises further eyebrows. It appears to have showcased Nijisanji’s core values, only to be mysteriously removed. This, combined with the removal of posts critical of Uki, leads to questions about the ethical standards and transparency within Nijisanji’s online community.


The ongoing struggle between Uki Violeta, Reddit users, and the Nijisanji moderation team continues to unfold in a complex and sometimes comical manner. However, the situation also highlights the importance of open communication and accountability within online communities. Transparency and open dialogue should be embraced to foster healthy interactions and uphold core values.

Circling back to the preface, it’s crucial to keep a lighthearted perspective on these events. Laughter and positivity are essential, both within the Nijisanji community and beyond. Let’s all strive to maintain open and respectful communication, even in the face of challenges.

Nijisanji Hero Hei’s Hilarious Damage Control