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    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s latest update accidentally gave Aang instant kills

    Nickelodeon’s latest update to All-Stars Brawl had some very unintended consequences for the game’s meta. The patch that added Hugh Neutron and his new card also made some very major changes to Aang. For some reason, his special move is now an instant kill, knocking enemies off the stage even at 0 percent.

    This unintended buff is probably still in play at the time of writing, and it works no matter who your opponent is. Just start rolling around the stage with a special move and ram your unfortunate victim. This will always work.

    As shown in the video below, it doesn’t matter what your opponent does. Once they get hit with a special hit, it’s over. They fly off the stage, regardless of their actions.

    Some say that this problem is already fixed on PC. But console players still face it. The developers are aware of the problem, judging by the conversations on the official Discord server. It remains only to wait until the fix appears on all platforms.

    As seen on PlayGround

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