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    New “Transformers” came out “in digital”

    A little more than a month after its theatrical release, the blockbuster Transformers: Rise of the Beastbots floundered and hobbled to streaming platforms. Now you can watch the movie from the comfort of your couch in Amazon and AppleTV+ online cinemas.

    The homeworld of the Maximals, an advanced race of Cybertronians with bestial modes, is under attack from the planet-devouring dark god Unicron. His heralds, the Terrorcons and the Predacon’s scorpion army led by Scourge, seek to obtain for their master the ultimate technology of the Maximals, the Transwarp Key, which can open portals across space and time. The leader of the Maximals, Apelink, sacrifices himself to allow the other Maximals to escape the planet before Unicron consumes it. Now under the command of Optimus Primal, the Maximals use the key to escape to Earth…

    The world premiere of the new “Transformers” took place on June 7. With a budget of $200 million, the film grossed only $382 million.

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