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    New trailer for PvPvE shooter Marauders dedicated to closed beta testing

    Marauders, the upcoming PvPvE first-person shooter with heist and raid that combines FPS on foot and spaceship combat, will enter closed beta next week.

    From July 20 to July 25, everyone who pre-orders Marauders will be able to participate in the closed beta test on Steam. Developer Small Impact Games and publisher Team17 are reporting that the Closed Beta will be adding two new raid locations that came out of the Closed Alpha a couple of months ago: the Merchant Ship, which they describe as “a vast, piercing frigate perfect for melee and long-range firefights” and “a recently abandoned farming center built on top of an asteroid shard”.

    Marauders will release on Steam Early Access and Game Preview via PC Game Pass later in 2022.

    As seen on PlayGround

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