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    New Total War: Pharaoh trailer showcases dynamic weather, chariots, tech tree and more

    Developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega have released an interesting new video about the upcoming strategy game Total War: Pharaoh.

    We learn that during battles, the weather changes dynamically: rain, fog, storm, thunderstorm, sandstorm and sweltering heat.

    They not only affect visibility, but also dynamically change the terrain. For example, precipitation can create mud. Sandstorms can allow you to hide your units or quietly outflank the enemy.

    We will also learn about different types of chariots, which have different purposes and different bonuses and penalties depending on the terrain they have to fight on. In addition, we will get acquainted with the heritage and technological progress.

    You can check out the video below.

    Total War: Pharaoh will release exclusively for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store in October 2023. The exact release date has not yet been announced.

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