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    New teaser trailer for dark horror Eresys

    For the new Eresys horror inspired by G.P. Lovecraft, a new video has been released with frames from the alpha version, which depict sinister monsters with tentacles and a gloomy forest.

    The trailer sets the mood for the unsettling experience that awaits players after the game’s official release. Eresys is an upcoming game that will be available on Steam. In it, players will work together to defeat a variety of nightmarish creatures from the pages of Lovecraft’s works.

    The game is described as a cooperative survival horror game for 4 people. Back in early July the players were presented with a gameplay trailer, which showed elements of the co-op mode, as well as an introduction to the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game.

    Eresys will be released for PC in 2023.

    As seen on PlayGround

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