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    New Star Citizen Videos Showcase Upcoming Content

    Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has released new videos showcasing upcoming content, and the next big chance to try the game for free is just around the corner.

    First, Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition 2952 (which is the current year in the Star Citizen universe) will start on November 18th and end on November 30th. This is 12 days, during which everyone will be able to try the game for free and experience more than 100 spaceships and vehicles, as well as get acquainted with all current content without restrictions (except for time, of course).

    The exhibition will also feature a presentation of new vehicles. Basically, when it starts, everyone will be able to create an account without having to deposit money to play, download the game, and play for the duration of the event.

    We will also receive a trailer and a schedule that will feature ship and vehicle manufacturers. Incidentally, the trailer seems to imply that Jax McLeary (the game’s parody of former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson) is dead.

    Another video showcases the upcoming underground structures on top of a Gen12 render coming to Alpha 3.18 in December, promising performance improvements.

    The third, more extensive cutscene is a discussion of Investigation Missions and an overview of one new mission that will allow the player to clear their crime stats (essentially remove their Wanted status) and escape from prison at the same time.

    In other Star Citizen news, total crowdfunding has already exceeded $508 million and currently stands at $508,587,187. The number of registered accounts also recently passed 4.1 million, reaching 4,130,779 as of this writing.

    A few weeks ago, we learned that about 1.7 million of them have purchased the game, as reported by Chris Roberts himself.

    As seen on PlayGround

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