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    New Sony Patent: AI Interactive Replay Technology

    Sony continues to patent a lot of interesting things for the PlayStation. This time, the company has published information about the mechanics, allowing users to demonstrate alternative paths.

    Replays will show AI that analyzes the user’s actions and offers the user a more optimal choice, taking into account their decisions.

    Let’s take Detroit: Become Human as an example, in which it is impossible to open all the content prepared by the developers in one playthrough. The patented technology will show him in advance new cutscenes and dialogues with characters that the player missed.

    Most likely, this will help increase the percentage of players who, without replaying the game, will be able to open all the content, however, it is not clear whether the technology will be used for all released games.

    Sony has previously patented the path mechanic from Death Stranding, which offers its own optimal route with a minimum of errors, but this thing has not yet been used in the company’s games.

    As seen on PlayGround

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