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    New Solar, Lunar Eclipse League skins for Kayle, Sivir, Aatrox, Sejuani, and Senna teased by Riot

    New additions to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse skin lines for League of Legends were teased by Riot Games earlier today, with upcoming skins for Kayle, Sivir, Aatrox, Sejuani, and Senna in the pipeline. 

    Riot confirmed that Kayle, Sivir, and Sejuani will be receiving Solar Eclipse skins, while Aatrox and Senna will be the recipients of Lunar Eclipse skins. Furthermore, Senna’s Lunar Eclipse skin will also include a Prestige edition, meaning that a specific event surrounding these Solar and Lunar skins could be on the horizon for League. These champs will join Leona as the only champions to have a Solar or Lunar Eclipse skin in the game.

    Thematically, the five new skins showcase cosmic power, with the Solar Eclipse skins teased by Riot showing off the power of the sun through a strong, auburn-orange glow. The Lunar Eclipse skins combine subdued, yet striking violet and white colors to embody the spirit of the moon. Additionally, each champion receiving one of these skins is being given a pronounced visual effect on their weapons, with their respective celestial bodies providing a certain glow to the characters’ signature arms, such as Sejuani’s flail, Sivir’s boomerang, and Aatrox’s blade. 

    In addition to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins previewed today, Riot teased two other, unrelated skins: Sea Dog Yasuo and Gangplank the Betrayer. Those two skins appear to have a Bilgewater-focused theme, with most of their thematic elements calling back to their appearances in last year’s standalone single-player RPG from Riot Forge, Ruined King

    These skins have not yet been given a hard release date by Riot Games, but they should be expected to ship with an upcoming patch. Judging by Riot’s recent history in regard to skin releases, League fans should expect these skins to hit the live servers sometime within the coming month. 

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